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3D Soft Touch Baby Books

3D Soft Touch Baby Books

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Recommend Age: 0-3y



• 3D Touch Feel Design :The books have a 3D touch-and-feel design that helps babies and toddlers learn about different textures and shapes.

• High Contrast Cloth Book :The books have high-contrast cloth pages that make it easy for babies and toddlers to distinguish between different colors and patterns.

• Montessori Sensory Early Learning :The books are designed to promote Montessori sensory early learning, which helps babies and toddlers develop their sense of sight, sound, and touch.

• Stroller Toys for Infant Toddler Gifts :The books can be used as stroller toys for infants and toddlers, making them a great gift for young children.


Made of cloth, which is non-toxic, and harmless.

The cloth book can be washed by hand if the baby makes the book dirty.

The cloth book is sewed by needle, and it is durable, and not easy to be torn up .

The color of the book is soft, which protects baby's eyes.

The book is designed with the animal tail, which can attract baby's attention.

Both the front cover and the back cover have sound papers to cultivate the baby's cognitive ability.

Many different scene settings, daily mini games, hide-and-seek scenes, different scenes are designed in different ways, and you can find the fun when you open it.

Let the baby enjoy pleasure in the reading process.

Open exploration curiosity, cloth book 4 pages 8 sides/rich and interesting content.

Baby Cloth Book only,other accessories demo in the picture is not included!


Material: Cloth

Size: app.16 * 16cm/6.3inch

Color: As the pictures shown

Optional Style: Elephant, Rabbit, Lion,ocean,forest

Quantity:1 x Baby Cloth Book

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