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Petit Tresor Luxe

Quilted Extra Soft Cozy Blanket

Quilted Extra Soft Cozy Blanket

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Material: Fleece FabricSpecification:
Product size: 100*150 (cm)(39*59inch)
Product weight: 500g
Material: Cotton

Baby Swaddle Blanket*1

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1.Soft and Warm Cotton: Experience the soft and comfortable touch of our baby muslin blankets made of 100% cotton. The cozy and snug feeling emulates that of a mother's arms.

2.Medium Size: Designed for your baby's ultimate comfort, our 100*150cm all-season muslin blankets are made of 100% soft, breathable, and durable cotton. Suitable for cribs and strollers, they keep your little baby cozy in any weather.

3.Moisture-wicking Ability: Keep your baby dry and comfortable with our muslin blankets. Crafted with cotton, they absorb moisture quickly, dry in a jiffy, and resist sweat.

4.Innovative 3D Design: Our baby muslin blankets boast a revolutionary zigzag texture and three-dimensional honeycomb pattern for comfort. The high friction, anti-slip feature ensures a secure fit.

5.Accompanying Growth: Our baby muslin blankets are not just durable and can survive multiple washes, but they also grow along with your baby. Even after numerous uses, it still looks like new and provides optimal comfort for your little baby.

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